Frequently asked questions

First, it is very important that when contacting us, you also mention your E-license number. You can reach us at any time via info@splin.be or fill in the contact form. 

Be sure to ask for our starter package! It contains a number of machines, the connection to your own server and the connection to the Gaming Commission.

You can always contact our after-sales service for spare parts or repairs, both on site and by telephone.

Thimister: +32 87 70 97 62 – Wommelgem: +32 33 26 64 40

Any Belgian operator with SPLIN machines will be informed in a timely manner in the event of a change in legislation. This way we guarantee that every SPLIN device on the Belgian market complies with the Belgian gambling legislation.

In our branch in Wommelgem, our customers are welcome for ordering spare parts, getting repairs done on machines and/or fixing spare parts. For the commercial aspect we refer to the headquarters in Thimister or you can contact us here.  

- Repairs
- Spare parts
- PCCom related issues.
- SPLIN application related issues
- Server problems
- Technical advice
- Feedback on cabinets